Hassan Ali term catch drop in T20 World Cup semi-final hardest moment of his career

ISLAMABAD, Feb 03 ( Alliance News ): A national hero and star of Pakistan’s Cricket Team member Hassan Ali termed the drop catch in the World Cup semi-final as the most difficult moment of his life.

He said that Pakistan team was playing good cricket and we were very close to victory, the whole team and the nation was supporting, in this situation this incident cannot be forgotten.

I could not sleep at all, he was with his wife, he also said that he has to go to Bangladesh with the squad but you did not sleep even for a minute, on the other hand my condition was that I was sitting on one side, drop catch again and again was coming to mind.

Hassan Ali said that as a professional cricketer you have to move forward. He boarded the plane and thought that now he has to perform in the next series.

Thought it was part of cricket, players sometimes win matches and sometimes lose, play better as a professional and win the team.

He said that fellow cricketers also helped a lot in difficult times. After the defeat to Australia, every player in the dressing room was sad while me and Shaheen Afridi were crying.

Everyone knows that I How much importance do I give to the team and the match, I am a player who performs 120%.

He said that he did not give up, he also got full support from media and social media, it is a matter of happiness that everyone supported him in bad times, if that happens then the enthusiasm and passion of the player becomes more youthful, the first match in Bangladesh tour.

I am the best player, the credit goes to the encouraging nation. Hassan Ali said that they will try to win the trophy in the big matches of PSL 7 with few mistakes We performed well in the league stage but could not maintain the continuity in the playoff matches, this time we are determined to overcome the problems and win the title.

“I try my best to play sports for any team. I am determined to make a memorable performance for Islamabad United as well,” he said.

The atmosphere of Islamabad United is like a family. Shadab, Asif Ali, Faheem Ashraf and a few other cricketers are my good friends. We all feel that the captain has a heavy responsibility on his shoulders.

Everything on the field has to be listened to carefully. Outside the field, Shadab is only a friend. On his return from Big Bash, Shadab Khan also went to the airport to pick him up. We enjoy spending such small moments together.


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