Hottest day in UK, fires close to London

ISLAMABAD, July 20 (Alliance News): Temperatures are soaring across Europe, with Britain recording its hottest day on record with 40C and fires near London.

The Met Office said the interim record, which was recorded at London’s Heathrow Airport at 12:50 p.m., is yet to be confirmed, foreign media reported.

The previous highest temperature was recorded in 2019 at 38.7 degrees Celsius.

Stephen Belcher, from the Met Office, said: “I have never seen such heat in the UK in my career.

He said that research was conducted in the Department of Meteorology, according to which it is not possible for Britain to bear 40 degrees Celsius, but due to climate change, the worst temperature situation has arisen.

The heat in London also affected the rail system from the capital to the eastern and western parts of the country, and according to power companies, there were problems in major cities.

Meanwhile, incidents of fire were also reported in the east of London and engulfed nearby areas and the flames reached the historic church.

According to the report, grass also caught fire in many plain areas of the capital and smoke spread in the main highways.

The London Fire Brigade urged the public to take precautions to stay safe from fires.

Transport services are managed to keep the system running during extreme heat and snow in the UK and are currently on emergency alert following an unexpected rise in temperatures.

Transport Minister Grant Shepps said that travel is being disrupted.

He said that the infrastructure is not suitable for such conditions, most of which were built in the Victorian era.

Experts said that there is a fear of unusual heat in London in the coming years.

On the other hand, other countries of Europe have also reported incidents of forest fires due to extreme heat.

According to the report, firefighters are busy trying to control the forest fire in southwestern France.


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