Imran Khan directed the workers to prepare for the march in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, April 23 (Alliance News): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has demanded an open hearing of the Supreme Court on the alleged threatening letter and directed the workers to prepare for the march in the capital Islamabad.

Speaking at the first press conference in Islamabad after being ousted from the PM’s job, the former prime minister said his party would observe a day of prayer on the 27th of Ramadan and would soon call on workers to march in the capital for real freedom. ۔

The former prime minister said that the National Security Committee had acknowledged that the letter was factual, which had arrogantly threatened and arrogantly said that if Imran Khan was removed, he would be pardoned.

He said he wanted the Supreme Court to hold an open hearing to investigate the letter, so that people would know who went to foreign embassies.

According to the former prime minister, the Supreme Court should do what it should have done now, because it is a big conspiracy against the country’s independence and sovereignty.

According to him, if the Supreme Court conducts an investigation, it will be known who was involved in this conspiracy. Now, the conspiracy has also been proved in national security.

The PTI chairman claimed that he had come to know in January 2022 that a conspiracy was being hatched.

Imran Khan said that when the country’s economy was getting stronger, our tax collection was the highest, production was increasing, industrial production was advancing, then an atmosphere of chaos was created by conspiring against the country.

The former prime minister alleged that Nawaz Sharif conspired in London and met the people while his younger brother and Asif Ali Zardari joined him from here.

Imran Khan said that he has also heard that someone was saying that such messages keep coming, someone also says that if such threats were made before then these people should be ashamed.

During the press conference, the PTI chief also expressed distrust in the Chief Election Commissioner and said that he is biased, he does not trust them, when we do not trust him, he should resign.

Imran Khan also slammed Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and said that he and his son have to pay Rs 40 billion, they are thieves.

Addressing the Shahbaz government, the former prime minister said that his name should be included in the ECL as he did not go abroad anyway.


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