India: Afghanistan’s spiritual leader ‘Sufi Baba’ assassinated in Maharashtra

ISLAMABAD, July 05 (Alliance News): Sufi Baba, a 35-year-old Muslim cleric from Afghanistan, was shot dead in Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

According to foreign media, Khawaja Syed Chishti, popularly known as ‘Sufi Baba’, was killed about 200km from Mumbai. The killers fled in their SUV.

It was further stated that their driver is the main accused.

Police said that Syed Chishti had been residing in Ayola district for many years while the possibility of religious motives of the murder has been ruled out.

Police officer Sachin Patel said that eyewitnesses had accused Syed Chishti’s driver and the accused was being questioned.

The motive for the killing is yet to be ascertained, police said, adding that Syed Chishti’s murder may have been due to a plot dispute which he had acquired with the help of locals as he was an Afghan citizen. Could not buy

Police said the killings took place in an open field near the MIDC industrial zone near Aiwala.


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