Indian delegation visits Kabul for talks with Taliban

ISLAMABAD, June 02 ( Alliance News): The Indian Foreign Ministry has said that a team of ministry officials has been sent to Kabul for talks with senior Taliban leaders in Afghanistan.

According to foreign media , this is the first development by India since the US withdrawal from Afghanistan last year.

Poverty and hunger have wreaked havoc in the war-torn country since the Taliban took power after the withdrawal of US troops.

The Indian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the Indian delegation would meet with senior Taliban leaders and discuss humanitarian assistance from India to the people of Afghanistan.

The Foreign Office statement added that Indian officials would monitor the delivery of humanitarian aid and visit areas that have been made part of Indian-backed programs or projects.

The statement further said that India has donated 20,000 tonnes of wheat, 13 tonnes of medicines, 500,000 doses of Corona virus vaccine, winter clothes, other medicines and grains to Afghanistan.

After the US withdrawal, India recalled its officials from Afghanistan last August and closed its embassy, ​​while New Delhi wants to maintain relations with Afghanistan.

Last month, the Indian Foreign Ministry said it had no information about the reopening of the embassy in Afghanistan


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