Insulting speech, Supreme Court of India order not to arrest Nupur Sharma

ISLAMABAD, July 19 (Alliance News): The Supreme Court of India, while giving relief to Nupur Sharma, the suspended ex-spokesman of the ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who made insulting statements about the Prophet Muhammad, ordered that he cannot be arrested in 9 cases registered against him.

According to the report of ‘NDTV’, the Supreme Court will hear the case against Nupur Sharma on August 10, till then no new case will be registered.

The Supreme Court has sought responses from concerned states, including Delhi, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Assam, on Nupur Sharma’s plea to consolidate all First Information Reports (FIRs). Included.

Nupur Sharma’s lawyer argued in the Supreme Court that the threats to her life have increased since the court passed a strict order on July 1.

His lawyer Maninder Singh told the court that the threats to his life are increasing, no amount of security can protect him, his life is in real danger.

He said that after the July 1 order, an employee of the Ajmer dargah threatened to cut his throat on video, while a resident of UP threatened to abuse and behead him.

His lawyer argued that there are already laws in this regard that more than one FIR cannot be registered for the same offence.

Justice Surya Kant said that on July 1, we had given liberty to the petitioner to seek other legal avenues, now she says that it has become impossible for her to do so, she said, to protect her life. Urgent need.

In a hearing on July 1, the Supreme Court of India had said that Nupur Sharma should apologize to the nation for his comments, which caused tension in the country.

The judge had said that the way she had inflamed the sentiments of the whole of India and what is happening in India, the sole responsibility rests with this woman.

The Supreme Court termed the woman who had made the insulting statement as a ‘slanderer’, saying that her slander had set the entire country on fire, she had made irresponsible statements that led to incidents like Udaipur and claimed that That she has been advocating for 10 years, she should immediately apologize to the entire country.

Former spokesperson of BJP, BJP Nupur Sharma, during a debate on a television show, made an insulting statement regarding Holy Prophet (PBUH), after which strong protests were held across India, while across the world, including Pakistan. Muslim countries strongly condemned this statement.

Protests continued in India against this incident and countless cases have been filed against Nupur Sharma in various Indian states.

Tensions have risen in India over the past few days after a Rajasthan tailor who allegedly posted on social media in support of Nupur Sharma’s derogatory comments was killed by two Muslim youths.


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