Israeli army aggression intensifies, 3 more Palestinians martyred in 24 hours

ISLAMABAD, June 02(Alliance News): Israeli army aggression intensifies against Palestinian, another Palestinian was shot dead by Israeli forces during a raid in the occupied West Bank, the third Palestinian to be killed by Israeli forces in the occupied territories in 24 hours, according to the health ministry.

A statement from the Ministry of Health said the violence took place in the Dheshiya refugee camp near Bethlehem, in which the dead man was identified as 29-year-old Ayman Mohsen. Is.

Ayman Mohsen, 29, is the third Palestinian to be killed in an Israeli offensive in 24 hours, and a woman was shot dead Wednesday morning as she approached soldiers, following an Israeli airstrike in the northwest. I was martyred a citizen.

Israeli security forces have stepped up operations in the West Bank in recent months, with almost daily raids to arrest suspects following deadly attacks inside Israel.

The military says officers entered Dheshia to arrest a Palestinian suspect suspected of being involved in terrorist activities, hurled petrol bombs and cement blocks at them, in response to which they fired live rounds.

Earlier in the day, Israeli troops stormed the home of an alleged assailant involved in a March attack on a village outside Jenin, killing five people on the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

The health ministry said a Palestinian man had died in a hospital in Jenin after the raid, and had been admitted in critical condition after being shot in the chest and thigh.

The Israeli military says it has also arrested the “father of the terrorist” while informing the family of the alleged shooter of an order to demolish the family home on April 17.

Israel often destroys the homes of those it blames for attacks on Israelis.

Israel’s move has sparked tensions in the region, with critics calling it a collective punishment, but Israel insists its actions prevent attacks against it.

The Israeli military says Israeli forces shot and killed a 31-year-old woman named Ghofran Warasnah near Hebron in the southwestern part of the country on Wednesday morning as she approached a convoy of soldiers with a knife.

At least 19 people, including a Jewish settler, have been killed in attacks by alleged Palestinians and Israeli Arabs inside Israel since the end of March.

Following the attacks, Israeli security forces responded with raids inside Israel and the West Bank, particularly in the northern district of Jenin, killing three alleged Israeli Arab assailants and a police commando.

Thirty-eight Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank, including an Al Jazeera journalist who was covering a raid in Jenin.


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