Judicial agreement in Morocco and Israel to expand cooperation

ISLAMABAD, July 27 (Alliance News): Morocco and Israel signed memoranda of agreement, including legal links, to enhance cooperation during a visit by Israeli Justice Minister Gideon Saar on Tuesday to expand ties after the restoration of ties in 2020.

According to foreign media, he signed a judicial agreement with his Moroccan counterpart Abd al-Latif Ohabi in Rabat.

A joint statement said the two countries will share expertise and modernize their judicial systems through digitization while cooperating in the fight against organized crime, terrorism and human trafficking.

Also on Tuesday, Israel’s Regional Cooperation Minister Esavi Frej discussed the cultural exchange program for the youth of the two countries in Rabat.

Morocco severed ties with Israel in 2000 after the start of the second Palestinian intifada, but restored ties two decades later under an agreement in which Washington recognized Rabat’s sovereignty over disputed Western Sahara.

Moroccan and Israeli officials have been in constant contact since then, with officials from both countries visiting each other’s countries and signing agreements ranging from defense and security to economy, culture and sports.

Israeli army chief Aviv Kohavi visited Morocco last week to strengthen strategic and military alliances between the Jewish state and the North African country.


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