Kashmir demands true passion rather fake slogans

Shabbir Hussain Senior Journalist Diplomatic Correspondent, Twitter : @shabbir818, Facebook : sheraz191@yahoo.com Email:shabbirhussain191@gmail.com

The slogans we have been hearing since long the Freedom of Kashmir, Just right to self determination Freedom movement of Kashmiris for their rights, besides Tall claims to address Kashmir dispute should be resolved in the light with United Nations Resolutions.

We also have heard the echo of the same slogans which seemed that there was no truth in these slogan, there was no passion in these voices to liberate the valley of blood.

Where as the state-backed RSS goons are found killing or torturing the non-Hindu people including The Muslims , Christians, Sikhs and Dalits forcing them to chant slogans of Hindu supremacy.

It is quite obvious now and I realize to believe on that these slogans were only slogans for the benefit of a few politicians. These were the slogans of the politicians to make their politics shine. The slogan was brought to bring which the people have not been able to understand and do not want to understand till today.

What Kashmir demands and its struggle to take it to its logical end, which would absoutely will not come from the fake slogans of Kashmir’s independence, not from our false politics, not from our cowardly step. It is of course demands a true passion, a great sacrifices that should be given in the way of Kashmir freedom, it demands a true passion to rendered their lives and blood for such nobel cause of Kashmir.

The cause make you understandable that if the dupatta descends from the head of the daughter of Kashmir, what it meant for it people, how they would take the act and much more matter how they would come up to respond it back.

Mothers are rendering the lives of their children’s, Fathers are being separated from their families , Sisters are losing their brothers, All looks screaming and shouting.

Let us know, in this situation who will say expect innocent Kashmiris, “Kashmir will become Pakistan.”

Kashmir is roaring in front of the whole world of Islam. For God’s sake, why only 5th of February has been fixed for Kashmiris people. O people of Islam, take a step forward. Teach us to live freely.

Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris people and until Kashmir becomes their, they will not breathe a sigh of relief and embrace the pain of Kashmiris


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