Kunan, Poshpora tragedy planned to keep Kashmiri women away from freedom struggle: Naqash

ISLAMABAD, Feb 22 (Alliance News): Hurriyat Conference leader Mohammad Yousuf Nakash said Tuesday that Kunan Poshpora mass rape was a well-planned conspiracy hatched by Indian authorities to keep Kashmiri women away from the freedom struggle.

In a statement in Srinagar, Naqash described Kunan Poshpora as an unforgettable  tragedy, showing ruthlessness of Indian occupation forces against Kashmiri women. He said, India through such inhuman acts cannot stop Kashmiris from pursuing their struggle for freedom.

He said, the civilized nations of the world consider molestation against moral values ​​and disrespect to human dignity, however, contrary to this, the Indian authorities consider it a weapon to suppress voices of resistance and impose Hindutva Agenda.

He said, sufferings of lower-caste Hindus at the hands of high-caste Hindus was not any secret now, adding that Dalit  were subjected to different forms of social injustice and their women targeted.

He said, this Hindutva weapon (molestation) was being tested in Kashmir since 1990’s, however, such weapons could not deter Kashmiris, particularly women from freedom struggle.

Naqash said Kashmiris were ready to render any sacrifice for achieving the goal of freedom, adding that continuing the mission of martyrs was national responsibility for Kashmiris.


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