Media can criticize, but no fake news : Law Minister

KARACHI, Feb 20 ( Alliance News): Federal Minister for Law and Justice Forough Naseem has said that if the media wants to criticize, it should do so but there should be no fake news.

While addressing a press conference in Karachi, Forough Naseem said that the law is very important to eradicate fake news, so now those who spread fake news will be punished for 5 years instead of 3 years, this crime will not be bailable and Arrest will be possible without a warrant.

He said that law would be for everyone, any ordinary citizen could complain against false news about famous personalities, the government has brought Journalist Protection Bill for the first time.

He said that under this ordinance, the trial of this case has to be completed within 6 months. If possible, action against the judge would be possible under the law.

Forough Naseem said that with the help of this ordinance, a case of defamation could be filed against those who spread false news and also action could be taken under criminal offense which would have to be dealt with within six months.

He said that the period of 6 months has been fixed so that the people have confidence in the judicial system.

The Law Minister said that PICA and Election Act Ordinance has been issued.

“My question to all of you is, don’t we want fake news?” News is one of the foundations of society and if a society is based on lies then what will happen to it?

“This law is not intended to control the media at all. You are free to criticize, but the only objection is that there should be no fake news,” he said.

The law minister said that the punishment in the PICA ordinance is from 3 years to 5 years, anyone can complain about it.

He said that there are some journalists who want to create hegemony in the society through fake news, these people are not friends of Pakistan.

India is behind false news Forough Naseem said that our neighbors are spreading false news, we have the example of disinformation lab behind which India was behind.

He said that real Pakistani journalists do not give false news, those who give false news are just people who have a personal agenda or India is behind spreading excitement through such news, it is very important to stop all this.

He said that this ordinance was very important. The Prime Minister had consulted me, Fawad Chaudhry, Attorney General and Sheikh Rashid on this and after that Pika has prepared these amendments.

He said that an institution like PEMRA and laws like PICA exist in every civilized society, they are not doing anything that is illegal.

Asked if there was a right of appeal against the Prime Minister under the PICA Ordinance, the Federal Minister said that under the PICA Ordinance no one would be exempted from action, it would apply to all, everyone has a constitutional right to criticize but There should be no false news.

On the question of whether Articles 19 and 19A of the Ordinance are in conflict with the Constitution, he said that one of the provisions of the Constitution should be shown which states that it is your constitutional right to spread fake news. Not available

He said that inappropriate language was used about former Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, it does not happen in any civilized society, similarly misinformation was spread about First Lady and Imran Khan that he has left home, suppose. God willing, what will be the reaction if such fabricated news about a journalist’s divorce is spread?

“The HRCP cannot say that you run fake news and are not punished.”
On the concerns of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) regarding the law, the Federal Minister said that if the HRCP had read the proposed law properly, I am sure they would reconsider their opinion.

“I can’t believe the HRCP says you should run fake news and not be punished,” he said.

He said that if NAB or any other department makes any allegation against someone and it is proved wrong then the affected person can also go to court.

Forough Naseem said that according to the constitution, there are two ways to make an act of parliament, introduce a bill or bring an ordinance. Yes, therefore it cannot be called undemocratic, undemocratic is something that is not in the law and constitution, even in the era of PPP and PML-N there were a lot of ordinances.



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