Millions of Americans forced to burn with heat, a fire broke out in the California forest

ISLAMABAD, July 25 ( Alliance News): Millions of American people are forced to burn in severe heat due to record temperatures these days, while the US state of California’s forests spread overnight, causing several acres of land to be burned and thousands of people were forced to relocate.

According to foreign media, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Kail Fire) said in a report that more than 2,000 firefighters with the help of 17 helicopters I have been deployed to control the fire, which was near Yosmite National Park in California on Friday.

However, two days after the fire, the fire burned more than 14,200 acres of area and so far it has been controlled by zero percent, the report states that moisture decreases as well as severe. Factors such as heat are hindering efforts to control the fire.

The fire has been declared destructive by the authorities, resulting in the ash’s piles and the vehicles were destroyed, while the property was also severely damaged, where emergency staff was evacuated and the fire was on fire. Working to protect construction.

The fire has already destroyed 10 properties and damaged five others, while thousands of other properties are in danger, more than 6,000 people have been evacuated, Kail Fire Officer Hectares Wassez said. Officials from various departments across the state are coming to help control it and this situation has been really challenging.

California Governor Gwen Newsome declared an emergency in Mariposa County Saturday, calling the situation extremely dangerous for the protection of individuals and property, spreading very rapidly to California and other parts of the United States in recent years. The forest fire has badly affected.

Global warming evidence can also be seen in other parts of the country as a heat advisory was issued for over 800 million Americans in more than a dozen states.

The crisis forced Algor, a former vice president and a reputation for talking about climate change, to issue rigorous warnings for the US Assembly.

He was asked if he believed that US President Biden should announce the climate emergency, so Algor said in a talk show of ‘ABC News’ that Mother Nature had already made this global emergency. It has been announced and it will get worse soon and very quickly.

However, he also said that the recent crisis, including the deadly waves of heat in Europe, is enough to open the eyes of Congress members who have refused to accept efforts to deal with climate change so far, I think it Events are constantly getting worse and severe.

Central and northeastern America are facing extreme temperatures, which were not expected to reach the extreme by Sunday.

The National Weather Service said on Sunday that a number of severe temperature records were predicted in the northeast, while the emergency emergency emergency for the cities above and below the northeast coast to Boston from Boston to Philadelphia and from there to Washington. Have gone


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