A critical appraisal of the Prime Minister’s promise to deliver five million housing units



The current backlash government of PTI is facing due to sky-rocketing inflation is a matter of no surprise to anyone. However, like every other government, It is trying to cool down the heat by initiating economically promising projects for the middle-class Pakistani diaspora, which can at least assure them two times food, and a decent shelter. One such ground-breaking project is Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme sponsored by Premier Imran Khan. Let’s closely look into this construction organization and all the related how-to’s.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme or Apna Ghar Housing scheme

Naya Pakistan Housing& Development Authority (NAPHDA) or Apna Ghar housing scheme is a national Real Estate Development organization that primarily aims to provide housing facilities to homeless and economically backward segments of Pakistan’s population. It was launched back in 2018 and is currently operating in all provinces of Pakistan, including the States of Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu, and Kashmir. Focusing on the financially deprived and middle-class income groups tends to a comprehensive socio-economic uplift, industrial revival, and new employment opportunities.

Investment Plan

NAPHDA seeks to nurture housing quality at an affordable price range for low to medium-income classes of urban, peri-urban, and rural regions. Preluding survey plans to break down the estimated volume of total investment as below:

  • Urban City Centers would bag in 2 million housing units, which amounts to 40% of total investment volume.
  • Peri-urban Areas will enjoy 1 million housing units, amounting to 20% of total investment volume.
  • Rural Areas will have a share of 2 million housing units, amounting to 40% of total investment volume.

These figures sum up to 5 million housing units in total.

Who is eligible to apply for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

There are only criteria: You don’t own any house or property of your own. Only one member from a family unit can apply. You only need to apply during a single phase of registration.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Loan

Associated authorities claim that the loan applications and the loan conditions are so simplified that even a rickshaw driver can prove himself eligible for a Rs 3 Million loan. Low-income groups would not be balked now from taking housing loans due to inadequate banking documentation; a public sector officer briefed SAMAA TV.

Applicants must only provide simple details like name, father name, CNIC (citizen number), phone number, and residential address. Applications will be assessed based on the record of power utility bills and previous rents. On the registration form, monthly installments options are as trim as Rs 5000-Rs 10000. The official made clear that an applicant qualifies for a loan when he demonstrates that he can save up to Rs 15,000 a month.

A State Bank of Pakistan official has announced the approval of the loan application form by SBP and the issuance of SRO, which will occur soon this year.

President of Defence Clifton Association of Real Estate Zubair Baig has verified that SBP, Ministry of finance, and FBR are taking particular interest in this project and have been weighing into it ever since its conception.

According to SBP figures, State bank has received loan applications worth Rs 154 billion till August 2021.

NAPHDA registration process

You can register for any housing unit ( house, flat, apartment, under-construction unit, etc.) by following these simple steps:

  1. Download the application form from www.fgeha.gov.pk
  2. Pay the registration fee for the online application, which is Rs.250. You can pay through Jazz cash, Easy Paisa, or NADRA-e-Sahulat.
  3. Collect the Payment slip( you will need slip details on the registration form)
  4. Download the registration form on the website, nphp.nadra.gov.pk
  5. Register for yourself or visit your nearest NADRA-e-Sahulat Franchise for registration without any extra charges.
  6. Get your documents prepared till the announcement of the Draw List.

NAPHDA Registration Check

You will get an online registration receipt as soon as you submit the form. Everything is mentioned there, like registration date, time, Payment ID, etc. You have to download/ print this receipt or save it with your Email ID. If you have not received the slip, you may check for the possible errors in your registration form, which may get your state canceled.

Kingdom valley scam: Fraudulent scheme associated with NAPHDA

Kingdom valley housing authority is a private real-estate agency that announced its association/partnership with Naya Pakistan Housing Authority shortly after its inauguration by Prime Minister. With their every advertisement, PM Imran Khan, s picture was prominent on the top.


However, registered cases against the Kingdom valley started increasing gradually during recent years. People were complaining that housing units were not delivered to them according to the agreed-upon terms and conditions. They were also suspecting that no public sector official could be seen active in this regard. This issue soon took up social media by storm.


NAPHDA authorities took the notice and forwarded the following fact sheet:

  • Naya Pakistan Housing Authority joined hands with Kingdom Valley Corporation for undertaking 200 housing units only. All units built under Kingdom valley have nothing to do with PM,s scheme.
  • The land of Kingdom valley Housing Authority approved by the Prime Minister amounts to 103 Kanal.
  • FIA issued a notice to them to remove PM,s picture with their pieces of advertisement. Otherwise, they would be suspect to legal action.

Is it wise to invest in the Naya Pakistan scheme in the wake of the 2023 elections?


Besides testing the veracity of this housing project, another issue demands equal consideration i.e. government would be no longer on the scene next year!


This is a fact that the projects of previous governments are rarely continued by the next ones. A new team of officials replaces the one which was directly responsible for the daily operations. Therefore, 2022 is not a very proper time to invest in NAPHDA.

Is this scheme as dedicated to national welfare as it claims?

The shortest answer is: Delivery of housing units is a matter of time, but monetary dues are something that you can collect instantly!

This scheme aims at building 50,00000 housing units while the registration fee is Rs 250 per application. The sum collected only from applications amounts to 50,00000×250= 1250,000,000 PKR.

If the government fails to deliver the promised housing units, this gigantic sum of money would waste away in corruption.


Final Words

We hope that Naya Pakistan Housing Authority delivers as much as it promises to the homeless, poor, and inflation-striken citizens of Pakistan.


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