Netflix and TikTak shut down service in Russia

ISLAMABAD, Mar 07 (Alliance News): Short video sharing application ‘Tik Tak’ imposed new restrictions on the Russian government after new social media rules were enacted, while streaming website ‘Netflix’ shut down its service in Russia due to the attack on Ukraine.

According to foreign media, after the Russian government imposed a new law of 15 years in prison on those who spread fake news, Tik Tak banned the uploading of new videos there. ۔

Under the new restrictions, Russian users will no longer be able to do live streaming on Tik Tik, while no videos of any kind will be uploaded from there.

In Russia, however, the TuckTalk service will be restored, while the application management has indicated that in the future they will review the new legislation and restore all services there.

On the other hand, the streaming website ‘Netflix’ also suspended its service in Russia due to the attack on Ukraine.

In another report, Reuters reported that Netflix not only suspended its service in Russia due to the attacks on Ukraine, but also stopped the website from uploading content from Russian broadcasters.

Netflix also temporarily banned the production of Russian original content.

Prior to Netflix and Tic Tac Toe, Google’s subsidiaries and apps, including Twitter and Facebook, were also partially banned in Russia.

In addition, the Russian government banned Facebook a few days ago, while the Russian government has imposed social media laws in order to spread false information about the war in Ukraine, which has led to more Internet and social media. Apps are forced to shut down their service there.


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