New body set up in France to “reform Islam”

ISLAMABAD, Feb 06 ( Alliance News): The French government has set up a new body of religious scholars and ordinary men and women to guide the Muslim community in France in its efforts to reshape Islam and separate it from extremism.

According to a foreign media, in recent years there have been bloody attacks on France by Muslim extremists, hundreds of civilians who went to fight jihadists in Syria and now thousands of French troops in Africa. In the face of ongoing fighting, few will agree that extremism is a threat.

However, critics also see it as a political ploy to lure right-wing voters to President Emmanuel Macron’s Center Party ahead of the April presidential election.

The new body, called the Forum of Islam in France, has been introduced by the French Ministry of the Interior.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Para is a favorite French tradition.

Critics of the establishment include many Muslims who see religion as part of their French identity.

He argues that the government’s latest move is another step in the process of institutional discrimination that blames the entire community for the violent attacks of a few people and is another obstacle to their public life.

The new body will include imams, influential civil society figures, prominent intellectuals and business leaders.

According to French media reports, all its members are elected by the government and at least a quarter of its members will be women.

The body will replace the French Council of Muslim Faith, a group founded in 2003 by former President Nicolas Sarkozy, then Interior Minister, to work for dialogue between the government and religious leaders.

The council is being dissolved this month by Emmanuel Macron’s government because, according to Interior Minister Gerald Dermanin, the council is no longer playing its due role in the Muslim community and in French society, as it has been the victim of recent attacks. Hundreds were killed.

“We want to start a revolution in Islam by eliminating (foreign influence). Islam is not a religion of foreigners in France, but a French one,” Gerald Dermanin said in a recent interview with the daily Le Parisien It is a religion that should not rely on foreign money or any authority abroad.

In this project, Emmanuel Macron envisages measures such as training imams in France instead of bringing imams from Turkey, Morocco or Algeria, which is supported by many in the Muslim community.

Muslims are divided over the plan, with some Muslims cautiously welcoming the idea to the Grand Mosque in Paris for Friday prayers.

However, some Muslims feared that the issue would escalate further in an attempt to curb their faith, or to say that the government had segregated Islamic institutions but suggested that such changes be made in Christian institutions. Will not dare

Hamoud bin Bouzid, 51, from Paris, is optimistic about Emmanuel Macron’s plan and his efforts to bring different voices of the Muslim community into it to show the diversity of the wider society.

He said that members of religious scholars do not represent every Muslim citizen of France.

“We live in a secular country, so why not expand this forum and give voice to many other Muslims in France,” he said.

“I would like Muslims to be heard in this country as citizens, not as Muslims but as full citizens,” he said.

Muslims in France have long complained of embarrassing attitudes in their daily lives, from being separated from the police for identification to being discriminated against in the search for work.

Whenever extremist action is taken by foreign invaders or young people of French descent, Muslims in France are pressured to doubt and condemn it.

Islam is France’s second religion with no single leader and diverse representation, including moderates and hardliners and fundamentalists, including Salafists.


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