Russia to hit more, if Ukraine is provided with long-range missiles, Russian President

ISLAMABAD, June 06 ( Alliance News): Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that if the West provides long-range missiles to Ukraine, Moscow will strike new targets, while the supply of new weapons to Kyiv is aimed at “prolonging the conflict.” ۔

According to the foreign news agency, Russian news agencies quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying that if long-range missiles were provided to Kyiv, we would draw appropriate conclusions. And we will use our weapons to attack targets we have never targeted before.

In an interview broadcast on Russia-1 television on Sunday, Vladimir Putin did not specify what new targets could be targeted, nor did he specify the range of missiles to which Moscow would respond. Will

The Russian president’s statement came just days after the United States announced that it would provide Ukraine with a Hammars Multiple Launch Rocket System.

Hummers is a mobile unit that can launch multiple missiles up to a distance of 80 km simultaneously.

Military experts say that the range of Hamaras systems is much wider than similar Russian systems, which means that Kyiv’s forces can attack the enemy out of reach of Moscow.

US President Joe Biden has nevertheless ruled out providing Ukraine with a system that could reach Russia, while Kyiv has repeatedly called for such weapons.

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Vladimir Putin said there was nothing new in the weapons provided by Washington to Kyiv and that Ukrainian forces had weapons similar to Soviet or Russian-made systems.

The Russian president added that the range of missiles does not depend on the system but on the missiles used. According to what we know and understand today, these are the systems that can hit at a distance of 45-70 kilometers. Users use missiles.

Vladimir Putin said that the sole purpose of the West’s supply of arms to Ukraine was to prolong the conflict as much as possible.


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