No national development sans women participation: Samina Alvi

By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, May 20 (Alliance News): The goal of national development and economically sustainable society is only possible when we address the most vulnerable and unprivileged segment of society especially women and differently abled persons.

These views were expressed by the first Lady Begum Samina Alvi, the wife of President Dr Arif Alvi in a called-on meeting with Prof. Dr Naveed Iqbal along with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of welfare NGO named Pechan Meri Pakistan, Shahida Naveed and Senior Journalist Shabbir Hussain here at in the Presidency.

Talking about the financial empowerment of women, Begum Samina Alvi, said that the financial empowerment of the women was inevitable not only to make them contribute to the national economic development but also support their own families.

She also said the financial empowerment of the women would also help address their sense of deprivation besides enabling them to play their role for country’s progress.

She said besides fulfilling their responsibilities, the women were also standing shoulder to shoulder with men in the fields of education, health and sports to contribute to the country’s prosperity.

Samina Alvi said it is very encouraging and hoping signs of good future that the women consisted of 50% of country’s population of Pakistan and had been playing a responsible role for country’s development.

During the meeting, Dr Naveed Iqbal informed the first lady about his relief work Humanitarian activities in different cities, especially in far flung areas of the country where health facilities are not sufficient.

Dr. Naveed also informed the first lady about his free medical camps, conducting free operations of the needy people and other areas of human interest where he had served since long.

Taking part in the discussion, CEO Pechan Meri Pakistan Shahida Naveed also informed the first Lady about her ambitions about future work particularly about divorce women and wives who do not get justice in the society.

The First Lady Begum Samina Alvi appreciated and encouraged Shahida Naveed’s steps and said that it quite important the successful women should come forward to guide those women who belongs from backward areas regarding their rights particularly the physically challenged ones.

She also called for efforts for deliverance of the women suffering from exploitation in name of social traditions.


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