No talks with banned TTP says Interior Minister

No talks with banned TTP, Interior Minister

ISLAMABD, Feb 04 ( Alliance News): Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has dismissed the the impression that the government in talks with the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), saying that if anyone took up arms, they would be be dealt with full power of the state.

Talking to media in Islamabad, Sheikh Rashid, quoting the Pak-Afghan border, said that an area of ​​20 km remains for the fence.

He said that Ashraf Ghani is not there but his followers India and RAW are there, which does not miss any opportunity to harm Pakistan.

He said that he was trying his best to solve the problem of law and order in Pakistan but he hoped that it would improve.

To a question, he said that political people should be talked to in a political manner but whoever takes up arms should be dealt with by force and whatever kind of opposition force there is.

He said that our aim is to bring all within the ambit of constitution and law but if anyone is attacking the integrity of the country, Pak army or civil forces then we have to give an answer.

Sheikh Rashid said that BNA is not such a big force, it is necessary to form BNA by involving two institutions but if anyone thinks that BNA is a military or political force then it is.

“Our talks with the Taliban are very good and we have very good relations, but there are no talks with the banned TTP,” he explained.

It may be recalled that after the terrorist attacks in Panjgur and Noshki areas of Balochistan, the Federal Ministry of Home Affairs had issued a high alert across the country yesterday and directed to take additional security measures.

The letter from the Interior Ministry directed the police, intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the four provinces and Azad Kashmir to remain alert and keep a high level of vigilance.

The statement praised the bravery of FC Balochistan officials and said that the FC had thwarted both the terrorist attacks in Balochistan with its diligence.

It may be recalled that on Wednesday, terrorists had tried unsuccessfully to attack the security forces’ campus at two separate places in Panjgur and Noshki areas of Balochistan.

On this occasion, 15 terrorists were killed and 4 soldiers were martyred in the exchange of fire between the terrorists and the law enforcement agencies.

Explaining the details, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid had said in a video message released on Twitter that 9 terrorists were killed and 4 soldiers were martyred in Noshki, while 6 terrorists were killed in Panjgur attack.

He said that the terrorists were repulsed from both the places and the Pakistan Army kept its tradition alive. It was a great success.

The Home Minister had paid tribute to the security forces, saying that they were fully capable of fighting any kind of terrorism.


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