Only transparent elections to avoid more chaos in the country: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD, June 20 (Alliance News): Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek -e -Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has said that it is our constitutional right to protest, I will call a protest and we will continue to protest as long as the date of clean and transparent elections. No, because if the elections are not clean and transparent then there will be more chaos in the country.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s call protested against rising inflation in various cities across the country.

Imran Khan’s call staged a protest on the highway leaders in Karachi.

Former Governor Sindh Imran Ismail and other members of the PTI local leadership led the protest in a demonstration in the city.

Addressing a video link during a nationwide protest against inflation, the former Prime Minister said that jihad and jihad against oppression are for our own better. Trying for it, there are three types of weapons, jihad with weapons, raising against any evil in the heart and raising their voice against injustice, democracy gives us the right to protest.

Imran Khan said that I gave you a call to protest today because I fear that inflation will increase in the coming days, which will affect our lower classes, white people and salaried people more. Particularly the rise of petrol and diesel prices will affect our farmers the most.

Chairman PTI said that after the movement’s distrust, there has been a storm of inflation in the country, PDM people say Imran Khan has laid mines in the country, PTI’s IM FF compromises, which has led to inflation, prices of all goods have risen after our government has gone.

He said that the price of petrol was increased by Rs 12 in our government. The opposition started the inflation march while they increased petrol and diesel by Rs 110 after coming. And this will affect our food security.

He said that the impact of this government’s actions would have the effects of every class. When electricity bills come, people will know how much inflation is exploded, they have made so much inflation, this government IM. The F program is 2 months while our government has been in the IMF program for two and a half years.

Imran Khan said that the IMF had put pressure on us too, we had reduced the price instead of raising the price, reduced the price of electricity by Rs 4, we withdrew money from elsewhere and gave relief to the people, We collected record tax, we gave subsidy of Rs 200 billion to keep the price of petrol and diesel low.

Taking the actions and achievements of our government, the former Prime Minister said that we gave the health card to the people, we spent most of the money on the program of feeling, paid free loans, started the kind rational program, we tried. Do not burden the poor.

Imran Khan said that in our era there was global inflation. Later, our country started the journey of development, GDP was growing.

“During the Corona, we saved our economy and our people through successful strategies and our actions, which the NCOC did a good job, including all institutions, including the Pak army,” Chairman PTI said.

The former Prime Minister said that today our country’s economy is in danger, Moody’s has made our rating negative, now debt will be very expensive, Wapda rating has also been reduced. A conspiracy was made, conspiracy was made against our government, Mir Jafar Mir Sadiq was found here in the US conspiracy, after which political instability came and its impact on the economy.

Imran Khan said that I went and explained to neutrals that it was taking place. If the government was demolished at that time, this country would not be handled. I told them and then told Shaukat Tareen to tell them.

It is not time to allow this conspiracy to succeed in the country at this time, I have to say with regret that it was time to thwart this conspiracy, because we knew they had qualified, qualified and fixed it. The purpose was not.

He said that his purpose was something else that his minister Khurram Dastagir said, “We were afraid that Imran Khan would put our leaders in prisons, including Shahbaz Sharif. I ask if the courts here are not free, we have.” Never interfered with the courts, NAB collected Rs 480 billion in our era.

Imran Khan said that the purpose of this government’s coming to power was to take the NRO only, Musharraf gave him NRA One, 95 % of the cases were made of his own period, thanks to his legislation yesterday. Their corruption cases will end


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