Top 23 countries including Pakistan facing droughtĀ

By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, June 18 (Alliance News): The Ministry of Climate Change has said that Pakistan is on the list of 23 countries facing drought emergency and by 2025, drought could affect three-thirds of the world.

A statement issued on the occasion of World Desert and Drought Day, the Ministry of Climate Change said that desertification and drought are important issues in the world.

The statement further said that deforestation is a global phenomenon due to environmental factors and human activities but it has affected Pakistan in many ways including environmental degradation, loss of soil fertility, loss of biodiversity and land.

Has been affected by a decline in production capacity, which has increased the risk to local communities.

A statement from the Ministry of Climate Change said that drought is not a new phenomenon but has always been a part of nature and human experience. The trend has intensified.

Droughts are especially severe when the country is largely barren.

In addition, per capita water availability in Pakistan was 5060 cubic meters per year in 1951 which is now reduced to 908 cubic meters.

The Ministry of Climate Change added that the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) says that if no immediate action is taken today, Pakistan will face a drought by 2025.

“Our livestock is being severely affected by the rising heat and water scarcity in the already water-scarce areas of Sindh and South Punjab,” the statement said.

Pakistan achieved its target of planting 1.5 billion trees, which created 250,000 jobs in rural areas suffering from drought and desertification.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Meteorology further said that according to a report, the Indus Delta has shrunk by 92% from 13,000 sq km in 1833 to only 1,000 sq km.

The new Living Indus initiative, led by the United Nations and the Ministry of Climate Change, is currently underway and is working to restore the health of the Indus Basin.

The statement further said that Pakistan has also taken steps to rehabilitate the ecosystem under a “nature-based solution” to address key issues such as desertification, declining fertility and drought.

“On this World Day of Desertification and Drought, we need to mobilize, work to resist and prevent drought,” the statement said.

Pakistan is one of the countries on the front line of climate emergency.

A statement from the Ministry of Climate Change said, “We cannot prevent a drought, but we can prepare to deal with it by keeping our water safe.”

Pakistan is striving to achieve the objectives of voluntary land degradation neutrality by 2030 and all efforts will be made to achieve these objectives.


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