Pakistan to meet potato demand through virus free aeroponic crop: PARC

ISLAMABAD, Feb 8 (Alliance News):Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) is determined to fulfill country’s demand of four hundred thousand ton potato within next two years with the first virus free potato crop harvested through aeroponic technology by Korean government’s assistance.

Talking to Alliance News, an official of (PARC) told that 65000 nucleus seeds of potato were harvested at National Agriculture Research Centre (NARC) through aeroponic virus free technology that would be sufficient to plant at an area of 40000 to 50000 acres.

He said Pakistan spent 4 to 5 billion rupees per year to import 15000 tons potato seeds from Holland and this method, which was comparatively much cheaper, would save Pakistan billion of rupees in terms of import reliance.

“First crop of aeroponic farming has been harvested and soon its seed will be available to local farmers. Aeroponic farming produces high quality and virus free potatoes and enhances the production of crop manifolds with great nutrient potential”
official said.

He said that Pakistan imported seventh and eighth generation of potato seeds from Holland whereas the potato seed that was harvested at PARC through aeroponic technology belonged to third generation which had great potential than previous seeds.

Aeroponic culture differs from conventional hydroponics and in-vitro (plant tissue culture) growing. Aeroponic is a process of growing plants in air or mist environment without use of soil or an aggregate medium whereas hydroponics method requires liquid nutrient solution as growing medium and essential minerals to sustain plant growth.


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