PCB stopped Muhammad Hasnain from bowling

ISLAMABAD, Feb 04 ( Alliance News): Pakistan Cricket Board on Friday stopped Mohammad Hasnain from bowling as hisĀ  bowling action was declared illegal by ICC.

Mohammad Hasnain’s bowling action was tested on January 21 at the ICC Accredited Lab in Lahore, after which Cricket Australia’s experts declared the fast bowler’s bowling action illegal.

Under the illegal bowling action rules, Hasnain will not be able to play international cricket until he clears the test of his bowling action again.

According to a statement issued by the PCB, Cricket Australia’s report on the bowling action of Mohammad Hasnain has declared the bowling action of young fast bowler Mohammad Hasnain illegal.

On the recommendation of the technical committee of HBL PSL 7, the PCB has decided that Muhammad Hasnain will not be allowed to participate in PSL any more.

According to the PCB, after reviewing the report and consulting experts, it has come to light that the problem of Muhammad Hasnain’s bowling action can be solved.

A bowling consultant will be appointed for Mohd Hasnain so that his bowling action can be corrected. Muhammad Hasnain will test again after the bowling action is correct.

The PCB further said that Cricket Australia’s report states that the elbow of the Good Length and Full Length Bouncer and Slow Bouncer exceeded 15 degrees when throwing the delivery.


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