Pooja Kumari: Why the poor and minorities often become victims in Pakistan

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By Shabbir Hussain

The thought take me to the sad incident that occur recently in backward area of the Sindh province, the area named Rohri located near a well known city Sukkur where an innocent girl named Pooja Kumari has been killed by the goons and fuddle landlord of the province.

The incident took place early morning when Pooja was alone at home and her mother left for routine work to earn something, Pooja Kumari belongs to a nomadic family whose mother works all day in the local Kajhur market.

Pooja Kumari’s house was attacked by some influential people with the intention of sexual abuse and kidnapping by climbing over the wall of her house and killed her with bullets after they failed to get her body.

Where goes the law of state , where goes the civil rights and their protections, who will asked them and make them accountable for this inhuman act of killing. May be this time law will not serves because its matter of a minority or a matter of an ordinary the Hindu girl who have no right to live freely in Pakistan.

Is the Law of sate looks helpless against the powerful rich people of the country, mobs of some religious gatherings where some so called Muslim gathered burn alive a none Muslim resident in the name of religion disrespect.

Pooja Kumari’s incident, It is very embarrassing and a wake up call for law enforcing agencies that people start believing on that the law serves only powerful and the poor and minorities often become the victims of lawlessness.

Force conversion and targeting girls belongs to minorities is also on peak where one would have seen a picture of girl, in which it is said that she had voluntarily converted to Islam and married her abductor.

What happened to Pooja Kumari is happening to hundreds of non-Muslim young girls living in Pakistan. We in India appreciate Allah Akbar’s slogans of smile but keep quiet about the problems faced by non-Muslims living in our homeland. Who could be a greater hypocrite than us.

Muslim or non-Muslim wrongdoing should be condemned without distinction and this act cannot be justified in any way.

As a Muslim I (Shabir Hussain ) apologize for any kind of abuse against any member of the minority community in Pakistan


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