Prime Minister Imran Khan to visit Moscow this month: Qureshi

Prime Minister Imran Khan to visit Moscow this month: Qureshi

ISLAMABAD, Feb 08 ( Alliance News): Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi  has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit Moscow this month because our relations with Russia have gradually increased.

In a statement issued regarding the visit of the Prime Minister to China the foreign Minister said that the Russian Foreign Minister had also visited Pakistan and had a detailed discussion with him on bilateral relations and the situation in the region while at his invitation I visited Russia.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that now Russian President Putin has invited Prime Minister Imran Khan to visit Russia and Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit Moscow this month.

“I think there is a welcome change in our relations with Russia,” he said.

‘Committed to completion of second phase of CPEC’
Referring to the visit to China, the Foreign Minister said that the joint statement issued at the end of the visit was a testament to the success of the visit to China, which was a very useful and timely visit overall.

He said that during the Prime Minister’s visit to China there were very comprehensive meetings, meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping was very comprehensive.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that China knows who is its friend in the region and Pakistan also knows who stands by it at any time.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had meetings with the heads of major Chinese public and private companies and think tanks.

“We discussed strategic issues and discussed the situation in the region in detail. We have been and will continue to be consulted with China on Afghanistan,” he said.

The Foreign Minister said that it has been decided that a meeting of Afghanistan’s close neighbors will be convened in Beijing at the end of March. The Foreign Minister of the Afghan Interim Government will also be invited to this meeting Will do

“Spoilers cannot see the Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC) moving forward. Anti-peace forces targeted engineers working on C-PAC projects to create panic,” he said. Competing with them, these spoilers will never succeed in their plots.

He said that both the countries consider CPEC as of utmost importance for the betterment and development of the region and both the countries are committed to expeditious completion of the second phase of CPEC projects.

“We want our agricultural commodities to have more access to Chinese markets. We want China to buy agricultural commodities from us to improve our trade balance,” he said.

‘International community should take notice of Indian initiatives’
Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that as Foreign Minister, I have put before the international community, including the United Nations and the Security Council, a dossier based on concrete evidence to expose India’s intentions.

He said that the international community should take note of India’s nefarious intentions in the light of the irrefutable evidence in the dossier for peace and stability in the region.

He said that the negative policies of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government were not even in India’s own interest, a large section in India was thinking contrary to the thinking of the BJP and understood that the BJP government We have been pushed to a dead end.

The Foreign Minister said that Rahul Gandhi was saying on the floor of the Lok Sabha that the Indian government with its poor strategy had brought Pakistan and China closer to each other than ever before.


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