Qatar decides to host World Cup fans in tents

ISLAMABAD, June 16 ( Alliance News): Qatar will host 1.2 million spectators at this year’s FIFA World Cup, and arrangements have been made to accommodate them in 1,000 traditional tents.

Omar Al-Jabbar, who is in charge of accommodation arrangements at the tournament’s top management committee, said the option of accommodating spectators in tents would be tested in the next two weeks.

He said during the press briefing that it would make the spectators enjoy camping. We want people to enjoy the experience of desert and tent in the traditional Bedouin style. The tent will also have water, electricity and bathroom facilities. In this country with extreme hot weather, there will be no air conditioning in the tent.

The World Cup will be held in Qatar from November 21 to December 18 this year and it is the first time in history that the World Cup is being held in the winter season instead of the traditional season of June and July.

The reason for holding the event in winter is to protect the players from the scorching heat of Qatar as most of the players had refused to play in the Arab countries in June and July where the temperature often exceeds 45 degrees.

In addition, another luxury tent camp with 200 tents is planned to be set up and they will be set up along the coast called ‘Sea Line’.

Responding to the concerns of foreign fans regarding accommodation in the country, Omar Al-Jabbar said that one lakh rooms would be available for accommodation on the occasion of the tournament.

Fans coming to watch the World Cup will have the facility to stay at a specific tournament village, apartment, villas, cabin or two cruise as per their convenience.

Omar al-Jabbar said that the organizers have already booked a large number of hotel rooms for teams, referees and media, but if any room becomes vacant, the FIFA administration will hand it over to us.

However, he vowed that there would be no shortage of rooms as a large number of hotels were under construction which would be completed soon.


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