Railways intends professional healthcare services to employees

ISLAMABAD, May 11 (Alliance News): Pakistan Railways was planning to provide qualified healthcare services of 7,000 expert doctors to 70,000 current and 150,000 retired employees of the department along with their families.

The basic aim of the project was to provide quality and accessible healthcare to Pakistan Railways’ 70,000 current and ex-employees and millions of passengers nationwide, an official in the Ministry of Railways told APP.

In this regard, he said that Pakistan Railways had already signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sehat Kahani for the provision of best healthcare facilities to railways’ employees.

He said that use of technology and innovation was extremely needed to fill the gap of access to healthcare to railways employees as well as millions of passengers to trust its services.

Under the partnership, he said Sehat Kahani would also create specialized packages for Pakistan Railways’ passengers through `On the Go` clinics at all major railway stations of the country where Pakistan Railways to provide on ground infrastructure level support, facilitation in staff training and creating visibility for Sehat Kahani’s spectrum of digital health services among its employees as well as beneficiaries.

He said the MoU would mark the first of its kind public private partnership between the Ministry of Railways and Sehat Kahani that would have long term impact on the health and well being of millions of travelers and railways workers.

“This initiative will not only help us provide quality care to our employee base and passenger but would also help us understand their health issues and do long term strategic planning for their health and well being,” he added.


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