Rains in UAE, 7 people died

ISLAMABAD, July 31 (Alliance News): At least 7 people have died after floods occurred in the eastern districts of the United Arab Emirates due to unusual rains.

According to foreign media, Ali Al-Tuniji, the head of central operations of the Ministry of Interior, said that we are sorry to announce that 6 people belonging to Asian nationalities have died as a result of the flood. They have died.

Later, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced the death of another Asian migrant.

Temperatures in the UAE reach 40 degrees in July, but its east coast can also be affected by the Indian Ocean monsoon, where torrential rains can lead to flash floods on this sun-baked land.

Emergency services say they have received hundreds of calls for help over the past two days as floodwaters inundated roads in Fujairah and other eastern districts.

According to the report of the news agency “Khalij Times”, the government officials said that at least 870 people affected by the floods in the northern areas of the United Arab Emirates have been rescued, while a total of 3,897 people have been rescued in Fujairah and Sharjah. They were shifted to temporary shelters.

Foreign community groups and volunteers distributed food to residents of the most affected areas of Fujairah.

Meanwhile, these groups have also planned a clean-up campaign to clear the mud accumulated on private properties so that the affected people can return to their homes.


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