Russia accuses the US of direct involvement in Ukraine-Russia war

ISLAMABAD, Aug 03 (Alliance News): Russia has accused the US of direct involvement in the Ukraine Russia war.

According to foreign media report, Russia said it was responding to statements by Ukraine’s deputy head of military intelligence about how Kyiv had used US-supplied long-range missiles. ‘ used a rocket launch system that provides excellent satellite images and instant and real-time information.

The deputy head of Ukraine’s military intelligence told the British newspaper The Telegraph that there were consultations between US and Ukrainian intelligence officials before the attacks, but US officials were not providing direct targeting information.

The Defense Ministry, which operates under a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said despite Washington’s repeated stance that it was limiting its role in the conflict to supplying weapons because it was in direct conflict with Moscow. Not wanting to, the interview reveals that he is taking a direct role in the war.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement that this situation irrefutably proves that, contrary to the claims of the White House and the Pentagon, Washington is directly involved in the Ukraine conflict.

The Defense Ministry added that it is the Joe Biden administration that is directly responsible for all rocket attacks by Kyiv in Donbass and other residential areas causing mass casualties of civilians and destruction of civilian infrastructure.

There was no immediate response from the White House or the Pentagon to the allegations made by the Russian Defense Ministry.

On the other hand, Ukraine and the West accuse Russia of launching devastating missile attacks on civilian targets almost daily, while both Moscow and the West deny that civilians are deliberately targeted.

Western supply of advanced long-range weapons to Ukraine could play a major role in the war, while Russia relies heavily on long-range missiles.

‘Nuclear Shield’
The US has accused Russia of using Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant as a ‘nuclear shield’.

According to the US, Russia has deployed troops there to prevent Ukrainian forces from retaliating, which has led to the threat of a terrible nuclear accident.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken said the US has “grave concerns” about the nuclear plant.

Antony Blanken told reporters after the UN nuclear non-proliferation talks in New York that Ukrainian forces could not retaliate there, otherwise a terrible accident could occur at the nuclear plant.

Antony Blanken said the Russian actions were more than a ‘human shield’, he called it a ‘nuclear shield’.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine has sparked Europe’s biggest conflict since World War II, leaving thousands dead, millions displaced and much of Ukraine reduced to rubble. Done.

The war has also created a global food crisis, while Russia and Ukraine produce nearly a third of the world’s wheat, and Western sanctions on Russia, a major energy supplier to Europe, have led to a global energy crisis.


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