Russia is putting the world at risk of famine, the European Union

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell speaks during an interview with Reuters in Kyiv, Ukraine October 12, 2021. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

ISLAMABAD, June 20 ( Alliance News): EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell has said Russia is threatening the world with famine by blocking Ukraine’s grain shipments and imposing restrictions on its exports.

EU foreign ministers will hold talks in Luxembourg on Monday to focus on food security threats and Western sanctions on Moscow over Ukraine, according to foreign media.

“We are ready to work with the United Nations to protect our partners from the effects of the global food security threat,” Joseph Borrell wrote in an article on his official blog.

He said Russia would use grain exports as a weapon to blackmail anyone who opposes Russia’s aggression on Ukraine.

Joseph Borrell said Russia had turned the Black Sea into a “war zone” and was blocking the flow of fertilizer and grain from Ukraine.

He said Russia was also imposing taxes and quotas on its grain exports.

He said EU sanctions were not on Russia’s exports of agricultural products.

He said it was important that Ukraine be allowed to export by air.

“We are working with the United Nations on this issue, and the European Union and its member states are ready to take the necessary steps to resolve this issue,” he said.


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