Russia received assurances from the United States to protect Iran’s nuclear deal:Sergei Lavrov

ISLAMABAD, Mar 16 ( Alliance News):Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that Russia has received assurances from the United States that it will continue to trade with Iran as part of ongoing negotiations to secure a nuclear deal with Iran.

Sergei Lavrov, speaking at a press conference in Moscow with his Iranian counterpart Hussein Amir Abdullahian, said: “We have received written assurances that the joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran’s nuclear program will be revived.” Included in the text of the agreement, foreign media reported.

Thanks to more than 10 months of negotiations in Vienna, the major world powers have come close to renewing the historic 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to regulate Iran’s nuclear program.

However, the talks stalled after Russia demanded guarantees that sanctions would be lifted following Western sanctions imposed by Moscow following a military operation in Ukraine earlier this month. However, its trade with Iran will not be harmed.

Sergei Lavrov said the assurances he had received from the United States would protect Russia’s intervention in Iran’s only Bushehr nuclear power plant.

He said Moscow and Tehran share a common view that Western sanctions are aimed at violating international law and accused Washington and its allies of primarily punishing civilians. Are

The 2015 agreement exempted Iran from previous international sanctions in exchange for sanctions on its nuclear program, and was intended to ensure that Iran would not be able to develop a nuclear weapon.


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