Russia, Ukraine War can continue for many years, NATO chief

ISLAMABAD, June 20 ( Alliance News): NATO chief Jane Stoltenberg has warned that the Ukrainian war with Russia may continue for many years.

Jeans Stoltenberg’s statement comes at a time when Russia intensified attacks on Ukraine after the European Commission proposes to give Ukraine a European Union candidate.

“We must prepare for the fact that this war can take years, we should not withdraw in support of Ukraine,” he said.

“Even if the costs are high, we have to keep full preparations not only for military aid but also in view of the rising energy and food prices,” he said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who visited Kyiv this week, also spoke about the need for preparation for a long war.

Boris Johnson wrote in the Sunday Times in London, “This means that Ukraine is getting weapons, equipment, ammunition and training faster than the invader.”

“Time is an important factor, everything will depend on whether Ukraine can strengthen its ability to defend its territory faster than Russia’s ability to attack,” he wrote.

Ukraine received a significant reinforcement on Friday when the European Commission recommended it to be a European candidate, which is expected by EU countries at the summit this week.

This will lead to Ukraine, Russia, on the path to fulfilling its desire before the February 24 invasion, even if it takes many years in membership.

Intensity in attacks
Russian attacks on Ukraine, on the other hand, have intensified, the Ukrainian army said, the industrial city of Seawordontaksk once again suffered heavy shelling and rocket fires.

Washington -based think tank ‘Institute for the Study of War’ analysts wrote that ‘Russian forces will likely be able to occupy Seyroidontsk in the coming weeks, but for this, they are mostly in this small area. Available forces have to be dedicated. ‘

“All Russian claims are false that they have controlled the town, they have controlled the central part of the town but not on the whole town,” Luhansk’s governor Siri Guidai told Ukraine Television.

Residential buildings and private houses have been destroyed in the twin cities across the river, people are dying on the streets and in shelters, Sarahi Guide said on the Telegram messaging app.

The Ukrainian military acknowledged that ‘the enemy had partial success in the village of Metulkin, southeast of Seyrdonontsk.

Russia’s state -run news agency ‘Tas’ cited a source working for Russian -backed separatists, saying that many Ukrainian fighters in Metolyn have surrendered.

Ukrainian officials said that Russian missiles targeted a gas worker in the North West District, and the second largest city of Kharkif collided with a Russian rocket municipal building, which caused a fire but no one. No casualties.

Wolfmeer Zelannsky determined
Ukraine’s President Voldemir Zelannsky, who impressed the world with his reckless resistance to Russian aggression, said he visited troops on the southern Frontline in the Macolavo area, about 550 km south of Kyiv. –

“I spoke to my guards, army, police, national guard,” he said in a video on the Telegram message app.

“They are all stubborn, they all have no doubt about our victory, we will not allow any land to be handed over to anyone and they will withdraw whatever is ours,” said Vladimir Zelannski.

In another video, Vladimir Zelannsky was seen giving medals in a Khaki T -shirt and taking selfies with servicemen.


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