Russia ‘wants to see me dead’ claims Panama Papers journalist

ISLAMABAD, July 25 (Alliance News): The main character of the ‘Panama Papers’, which revealed tax evasion and fraud worldwide, has said that he is afraid of Russian revenge and revenge.

According to foreign media report,the claim from the journalist came in an interview published in the publishing company of Germany on Saturday.

The magazine, Der Spiegel, quoted John Du with a fake name, saying he had evidence of financial irregularities made by Russian officials and their allies.

According to John Du, these same Russian officials and allies helped funding for war in Ukraine.

When asked by Der Spiegel, whether his life was in danger, John Du said it was a threat with which I was living while the Russian government wants to see me dead.

When Dare Spiegel asked John Du about the use of tax shelters by powerful people in the authoritarian governments, he described his alleged role in Russia, while Russian leaders refuse to break the law.

John Du says Russian President Vladimir Putin is a greater threat to the United States than Hitler and shell companies are his best friends.

He said shell companies that provide financial aid to the Russian military actually kill innocent civilians in Ukraine, while Daladimir targets Putin’s missile shopping centers.

He said Russia’s government -funded channel ‘RT’ broadcast a documentary with two parts related to the Panama Papers, showing a character called John Du, which was severely hurt.

Referring to investigative journalists killed in Malta and Slovakia, he said that we have seen other people killing because of reporting about offshore accounts and tax matters.

Since the release of the Panama Papers in 2016, John Du, during his first interview, said he had no plans to come out of anonymity and reveal his identity.

He said the Panama Papers included several different global criminal organizations, some of which also belong to governments, so it is difficult to imagine protection after revealing their identity.

The Panama Papers was one of the reports based on financial documents made by the International Consortium of Investigation Gateway Journalists (ICIJ).

The Prime Minister of Iceland is forced to resign due to the Panama Papers’ revelations, while the revelations of these papers paved the way for the Prime Minister’s ouster.


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