Russian attack kills 198, injures more than 1,000, says Ukrainian health minister

ISLAMABAD, Mar (Alliance News): A total of 198 people have been killed and more than a thousand injured since Russia launched a pre-dawn operation on Thursday, following large-scale air and missile strikes and the entry of troops into Ukraine from the north, east and south. ۔

Ukraine’s Health Minister Viktor Layashko wrote in a statement on Facebook that “unfortunately, according to operative data, 198 people, including 3 children, were killed and 1,115, including 33 children, were injured by the attackers.”

His statement did not specify whether the total number of wounded and dead included both soldiers and civilians.

The death toll rose as Russian troops stormed the Ukrainian capital on Saturday and began fighting on the streets, with city officials urging residents to seek refuge.

The country’s president has rejected US offer of evacuation, insisting he will remain in the country during the fighting.

According to the foreign news agency AP, it was not immediately clear how far the troops advanced in Kyiv on Saturday morning, but clashes in the city’s border areas indicate that small Russian The units are assessing Ukraine’s defense system in order to clear the way for central forces.

However, the rapid movement of troops after less than three days of fighting has put the democratic government in jeopardy after the Russian invasion.

Clashes erupted after the fighting, which damaged bridges, schools and apartment buildings, killing hundreds.

U.S. officials believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin is determined to overthrow the Ukrainian government and replace it with his own government. Is a desperate attempt to restore

It forced the Russian president to take a number of international steps, including direct sanctions, to end the attack.

Ukraine is facing explosions and gunfire. Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for a ceasefire and warned in a statement that several cities are under attack. He said the country’s future hangs in the balance.

“We have to be steadfast tonight, the fate of Ukraine is being decided at this time,” he added.

According to a senior US intelligence official with direct knowledge of the talks, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was urged by the US government to evacuate Kyiv, but he turned down the offer.

The U.S. official, citing a statement from the Ukrainian president, said he was “fighting” and needed “anti-tank ammunition” but not to run away.

In Kyiv, city officials urged residents to take shelter in a safe place, stay away from windows and take precautionary measures to avoid flying debris or bullets.

The Kremlin has accepted Kyiv’s offer of talks, but the Russian military continues to advance.

The city of Melitopol in southern Ukraine was claimed to be under siege yesterday. It is not yet clear how much of the country is still under Ukrainian control and how much is occupied by Russian forces.

The Ukrainian military says it shot down a Russian II-76 transport plane carrying paratroopers in a battle near the town of Vaselkyu, 40 kilometers south of Kyiv, a senior official confirmed. The US intelligence official did.

It is not clear how many people were on board, but the transport plane could carry 125 paratroopers at a time.

Another Russian military transport plane crashed near Bela Tsarcova, 85 kilometers south of Kyiv, according to two U.S. officials with direct knowledge of the ground situation in Ukraine.

The Russian military has not commented on the incident.

Extensive sanctions The United States and other world powers have imposed the toughest sanctions on Russia to date, as the attack has affected the world’s economy and energy supply.

UN officials say millions could flee Ukraine, sports leagues moved to punish Russia and even Russia’s participation in the final of the popular Eurovision Song Contest in Italy. Has been banned.

Despite all this, Russia did not back down, vetoing a UN Security Council resolution calling for an end to the invasion of Ukraine and the immediate withdrawal of its troops.

The resolution was expected to be vetoed, but the United States and its allies argued that the move would highlight Moscow’s international isolation.

The resolution was vetoed by a 1-11 vote, with China, India and the United Arab Emirates abstaining.

For the first time, NATO has decided to send part of the Alliance’s Response Force to help protect its member states in the East. NATO has not said how many troops will be deployed.


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