Senator Sherry announces zero plastics in Climate Change Ministry on Earth Day

ISLAMABAD, Apr 22 (Alliance News):Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman on Friday while commemorating the World Earth Day 2022 announced that the Ministry of Climate Change had abolished the use of plastic bottles in its premises to ensure eco-friendly change.

The minister in a series of tweets on her official Twitter handle shared an info graphic depicting forests and oceans as lungs of the planet bearing the inscription “Our Planet has two lungs one is green the other is blue” along with her message in the tweet on the World Earth Day. The theme for this year is lets invest in our planet.

She urged the masses to shun the use of plastics to avoid pollution damaging the environment and biodiversity while taking the lead in climate action by themselves.

” ‘Our planet has two lungs; one is green,the other is blue’. Let both breathe, so we can too. Save the planet by removing non-renewable plastic from your day, your life.

Make the shift at your office,at your home. From today the Climate Change Ministry will use no plastic bottles”, she wrote in her tweet.

She further mentioned, “There are no plastic bottles in daily use in my home, or my Senate office. Let’s lead by example. Small steps by many will make the difference”.

She said it would be great if others could make the effort to shift, adding, “The planet needs saving”.
She also thanked the social media user for sending her the info graphic. “Thank you for sending me this powerful graphic, whomever you are”.

The Minister’s tweets were followed by the hash tags #EarthDay2022 #LetTheEarthBreath.


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