Shanghai Electric employs 7,000 Pakistani workers in Thar, Sindh

BEIJING, Feb 20 (Alliance News): Shanghai Electric has employed around 7,000 Pakistani workers in its coal mine and power plant projects in the Thar district of Sindh.

This was stated by Senior Directors of the company, Yao Fujun, and Gan Yongchao, the company said in a statement.

Shanghai Electric is the sponsor of Thar Coal Block I Integrated Mining and Power Plant projects through its subsidiaries, Sino-Sindh Resources Ltd. (SSRL) and Thar Coal Block I Power Generation Co. (TCB-1).

SSRL is a 9.8 million tons per annum open-pit lignite mining project, which unearthed the first layer of a 3 billion tons deposit on January 31. The integrated project also includes 1,320 megawatt mine-mouth coal-based power plant owned by TCB-1, which will power 4 million households. The projects are being executed under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), China Economic Net (CEN) reported.

The Shanghai Electric directors in a briefing on the projects, their background, construction progress, CSR activities, and employment of the local workforce, said that as many as 7,000 Pakistanis were presently working on the projects’ sites.

During the briefing, the directors also spoke about the issues faced by the company due to Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns.


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