Shangla: Staff are busy for another day to control fire at 2 more places

ISLAMABAD, June 16 ( Alliance News): The forest fires in Alpuri and Martung tehsils of Shangla district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa could not be brought under control for the second day in a row which engulfed the nearby forests. Rescue 1122 and forest teams are trying to put out the fire. ۔

Spokesman Rescue 1122 Shangla Rasool Khan said that the fire broke out in 4 different hilly areas in Alpuri and Martung tehsils of Shangla while fire broke out in 2 areas of Lelunai in Alpuri tehsil and engulfed the entire forest today.

He said that his team was present at the scene to extinguish the rapidly spreading fire and using available resources, and he was hopeful that the fire, like other areas, would be brought under control today.

Rescue 1122 officials said they did not send firefighters to Martung, which was a long way off and were unaware of it, but Forest Department officials said their teams were engaged in putting out the fire.

Sub-Divisional Forest Officer Alpuri Alamgir Khan said that after initial investigation, in most of the cases, it has come to light that the locals, using traditional methods, set fire to the bushes to increase the grass and then it is out of their control. It happens, especially nowadays when strong winds accelerate the fire and then it spreads in seconds.

He said that they were trying to nab the culprits and so far three culprits have been arrested in the district.

Mian Mahfooz Advocate from Lelonai Shangla said that a newborn plant was planted under the Bullion Tree project which was a fascinating sight but it was burnt to ashes in the fire of yesterday and today which is in the mountains of Lelonai. Still going

A forest fire in Shangla a week ago has killed eight people so far, which has turned them into green mountains and badly affected them.

Meanwhile, Shangla Deputy Commissioner Zia-ur-Rehman said that a forest fire was also reported from Kabulgram area which was immediately extinguished.

The fire damaged more than 14,430 acres of pastures
On the other hand, a report compiled by the provincial forest, environment and wildlife department revealed that between May 23 and June 9, more than 200 forest fires in different districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa spread over an area of ​​14,430 acres. Damaged forests and pastures.

Of the 210 forest fires, about 55 were deliberately started by locals and 12 were attributed to dry weather, while the other 143 were not identified.

The report said that most of the fires were caused by dry grass fires, in which 68% of the territories and private lands and more than 73% of the affected lands were territories or private lands.

According to the report, rising temperatures due to climate change evaporate more moisture from the earth, drying out the soil and making plants more flammable.

Drought and rising greenhouse gas emissions continue, with the Forest Department fearing more wildfires in the coming years.


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