Soccer World Cup Qatar sells over 1.2 million tickets

ISLAMABAD, June 24 (Alliance News): More than 1.2 million tickets for the scheduled Football World Cup 2022 have been sold in Qatar.

According to details, the world governing body of football (FIFA) said that in the latest phase of ticket sales, applications for 23.5 million tickets had been received so far at the end of April.

According to FIFA, the requests were received from Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Hassan al-Zawadi, secretary general of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in Qatar, said: “I think 1.2 million tickets have already been purchased, people are buying tickets and are excited to be here.

He said a total of 2 million tickets would be available for the 28-day tournament scheduled between November and December.

According to the report, the next opportunity to buy World Cup tickets will be on a first come first served basis but its date has not been announced yet.

The World Cup qualifiers are now over and all 32 teams have been confirmed.

Host Qatar expects more than 1.2 million visitors during the World Cup, half of the country’s total population.

At the Qatar Economic Forum, hosted by Bloomberg, Hassan al-Zawadi said organizers were working to protect the tournament from price-adjusting fans so that local businesses could benefit as well as be accessible to World Cup fans.

According to recent estimates by the Qatari Department of Tourism, the cost and availability of facilities in the Gulf country is the main focus, as hotels in Qatar have just over 30,000 rooms, of which 8% are reserved for FIFA guests.

Hassan Al-Zawadi said that in terms of availability of facilities, we are trying to ensure the provision of facilities in different categories, in the accessible category there is a range of 80 80 to ڈالر 100 per night on facilities like five star hotels.

According to the report, the Qatari government has arranged 65,000 rooms for football fans in hotels and villas and apartments in addition to hotels and has allocated 4,000 rooms in Doha Port in two ships.

It should be noted that the Football World Cup in Qatar will start in November this year and the first match will be played on November 21 at the Sarmiyan Al Bayt Stadium in host Qatar and Ecuador.

The 32 teams participating in the World Cup are divided into 8 groups. All the 4 teams in the group will play one-on-one matches. The quarter-finals will start on December 9 and on December 13 and 14. Semi-finals will be played.

The World Cup final will be played on December 18 at Lucille Stadium.


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