Pakistan is still America’s strategic partner: State Department spokesman

ISLAMABD, Feb 04 ( Alliance News): Spokesperson of State Department of United States of America for the first time in many years, emphasizing its strategic partnership with Pakistan, made it clear that Islamabad did not need to strain its relations with China in order to maintain relations with Washington.

According to foreign media ,the US-Pakistan relations came under discussion in a State Department briefing when a journalist quoted a recent statement by Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi in which he lashed out at Pakistan over the BJP government in India. He was accused of being pushed into a Chinese camp.

The journalist asked if the US State Department agrees with Rahul Gandhi’s estimate.

However, State Department spokesman Ned Price declined to comment on the issue, saying, “I will leave it up to Pakistanis and China to talk about their relationship. I will definitely not endorse these remarks.” ۔

The journalist again asked why do you think Pakistan is working so closely with China? Do you think that America has abandoned them?

However, a comprehensive answer was given by a US official to this question.

“We have made it clear that there is no requirement for any country in the world to choose between the United States and China,” Ned Price said.

“When it comes to relations with the United States, we want to give countries a choice,” he said.

The US official explained that the partnership with the US has many benefits that China cannot offer.

He added that partnership could be a misnomer, adding that the kind of relationship that China has sought to establish around the world is not the common benefit (among them) offered by the United States.

Moving on to the decades-long relationship between Pakistan and the United States, the State Department spokesman said that Pakistan is a strategic partner of the United States, we have an important relationship with the government in Islamabad and this is a relationship that we value Give

Remember that Pakistan was a close ally of the United States during the Cold War that began in the 1960’s and remained so until the break-up of the former Soviet Union.

In addition, Pakistan played a key role in the war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and also supported the United States in the fight against terrorism.

In recent years, China has emerged as a key element in US foreign policy as Washington seeks to curb Beijing’s growing influence.

However, US policy makers see India as a key player in countering China’s influence and in their efforts to please India, they often ignore Pakistan’s interests, even issues like Kashmir.

Some recent developments, such as India’s decision to abstain from voting in the UN Security Council on Ukraine and the missile deal with Russia, have apparently softened the US attitude towards Pakistan.


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