Sri Lanka riots for petrol, army firing

ISLAMABAD, June 20 ( Alliance News): In Sri Lanka, the army opened fire to overcome the riots between civilians to get fuel on petrol pumps.

According to a foreign media, long rows were seen outside fuel stations to achieve petrol and diesel in the worst financial crisis.

Army spokesman Nilantha Premartne told the news agency that military personnel opened fire on Vizomedo city 365 km from Colombo on Saturday night when angry people threw stones at them.

A group of 20 to 30 people threw stones and damaged a military truck, Nilantha Premartner said.

Police said the army opened fire to control the unrest and riots caused by fuel shortage, injuring 4 civilians and 3 soldiers.

Police said the vehicle owners started protesting at the end of petrol pumps and the situation was out of control. On this occasion, the protest turned into a clash with the soldiers.

Sri Lanka has been going through the worst economic crisis since independence, where foreign exchange reserves have been eliminated to import basic goods, including food, fuel and medicine.

The country’s 20 million population is facing long queues for severe shortage and short supply, while President Gotabia Rajapics has denied demands to resign for mismanagement for several months.

Sri Lanka has deployed armed police and troops to protect the petrol stations. In April this year, when a collision took place over the distribution of petrol and diesel, a car rider was shot dead by police in the central town of Rambokana. It was

Police said clashes between motorcyclists and police were clashed at 3 places this weekend. At least 6 constables were injured in a clash while seven motorcyclists were arrested.

Earlier this week, the Sri Lankan government announced the closure of government offices and schools for two weeks due to fuel and electricity shortage.

The country is also facing high inflation and prolonged power outages at the record level, which has led to several months of protests in the country.

The United Nations has said that 4 out of every 5 people in Sri Lanka are starting to leave food because they are unable to buy food, the UN has warned that millions of people need help in Sri Lanka.

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) has begun distributing food vouchers to about 2,000 pregnant women in the unsafe areas of Colombo on Thursday.

The WFP is trying to raise $ 6 million for food relief efforts between June and December.

Sri Lanka lost $ 51 billion in foreign debt in April and is negotiating with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for bailout.


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