Sri Lanka’s request for assistance, trade and investment from China

ISLAMABAD, July 25 (Alliance News): Sri Lanka’s envoy to Beijing has said that talks about the $ 4 billion emergency package to overcome the economic crisis, said China has requested trade, tourism and investment so that help in sustainable economic development. Get

According to foreign media, Sri Lanka, which has a population of 20 million 20 million, has been suffering from a serious economic crisis since its independence in 1948 as its foreign exchange has ended while major medicines, fuel, food in the country Protesters have been protesting for a long time against severe shortage, which forced the Raja Pixie family to quit.

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to China Paulitha Kohuna said the full emphasis on Sri Lanka’s economic recovery shows the importance of Beijing from Japan as well as two major foreign lenders, while 10 % of Sri Lanka’s external debt. Also belongs to China.

In an interview at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Beijing, Palitha Kohuna said Colombo wants China to emphasize its companies to buy Sri Lanka tea, sapphire, spices and costumes and instruct Chinese import laws more transparent and easier. Do

He pointed to Chinese investment, saying that Beijing can also help invest in major projects of China -backed ports in Colombo and Hambantota.

He said that due to the Corona virus epidemic, major Chinese investment projects were not completed.

Palitha Kohuna said in an interview that Sri Lanka is looking forward to more Chinese tourists, which has dropped from 2 lakh 65 thousand in 2018 to almost zero after suicide attacks and pandemic diseases of 2019.

He said that Sri Lanka’s newly elected President Ranil Vikrama Singh also intends to remove China to discuss trade, investment and other issues, including tourism.

Vikrama Singh is not a stranger to China because when he went to Beijing as Prime Minister in 2016, a photo of him is hanging in the embassy hall, shaking hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Palitha Kohuna said he did not expect any significant change in the new government’s policy regarding China.

He said he understands that it is a difficult task for China to immediately help Sri Lanka because it has helped many countries out of the economic crisis as a global lender, but if only Sri Lanka, this decision It would be easy for him to do.

Sri Lanka has been busy negotiating with China for a $ 4 billion relief package for several months.

According to the report, Sri Lanka is also requesting a $ 1.5 billion credit line to pay Chinese imports.

Palitha Kohuna said these imports mainly need their country’s lucrative garment buttons and ziping industry.

Sri Lanka hope it will persuade China to continue exchange of a $ 1.5 billion aid package.

Palitha Kohuna said talks with China are still underway for financial assistance, but no date for the next meeting has been finalized.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said that it is seeking to work with global economic institutions, including other countries this month, to play a positive role in the help of Sri Lanka.

In addition to economic assistance, Sri Lanka also hopes that China can help buy it, including fuel, agricultural land fertilizers.

However, China vowed to provide $ 74.09 billion emergency assistance to Sri Lanka in April and May, while Sri Lankan officials say they need further assistance.


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