Sustainable Solutions Needed To Tackle Climate Change: Moot

ISLAMABAD, June 10 ( Alliance News): Humanitarian and development organization Pak Mission Society (PMS) has observed the Word Environment Day with a national conference titled “Only One Earth” for sustainable solutions to climate change.

Addressing the gathering, PMS Chairman Dr Samson Griffin said that climate change was an imminent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies, future generations and the planet.

Speaking on the occasion, Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Director General Farzana Altaf said that all government departments were not only committed to tackling climate change and global warming through long-term development plans but also enhancing international cooperation in various fields, including research and development, transferring technology and capacity building.

Earlier, a panel discussion deliberated on renewable energy, solid waste management, climate education, green entrepreneurship and climate finance.

The event concluded with a joint resolution wherein the participants agreed that all government as well as other local stakeholders would design and implement plans aimed at achieving 60 percent clean energy by 2030.

It was also decided that efforts would be made to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and use of coal for energy, reduce other fossil fuel consumption, adopt environment-friendly renewable energy measures for all, repeal laws and policies that obstruct energy efficiency and renewable energy use while working to ensure that environmental and social impacts of such measures are effectively and equitably managed.

The resolution stressed the need for best practices of waste management which involve collecting, sorting, treating, recycling through a nationwide government-led campaign and promoting public-private partnerships.

It also called for a climate inclusive curricula for all educational institutions to prepare future generations for climate adversities and viable solutions, transparency in how climate funds received by the country trickle down to the most vulnerable frontline communities, reduction in deforestation and promotion of forestation, working with the corporate sector for climate friendly actions besides supporting civil society in addressing climate change and mobilising communities to incorporate climate action in all humanitarian and development projects.

The conference was attended by national ministerial leadership, United Nations delegates and leading members of the civil society and humanitarian organisations, CSRs, corporate and business community and academia besides journalists and climate change activists.


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