Taiwan will not back down, President Tsai meets US Speaker Pelosi

ISLAMABAD, Aug 04 (Alliance News): Taiwan’s president took a boldly defiant stance against China during a meeting with US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the development comes as China prepares for military exercises near Taiwan’s coast.

According to foreign media, the Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday despite continuous strong threats from China, which considers Taiwan as its territory, which China said it considered a major provocation. .

China responded effectively to the visit, warning the US ambassador in Beijing of ‘extreme consequences’ and announcing military exercises near Taiwan.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, speaking at an event with Nancy Pelosi in Taipei, said that despite the growing military threats, Taiwan will not retreat, we will continue to defend democracy.

He also thanked Nancy Pelosi for supporting Taiwan in this difficult time and taking concrete steps.

China seeks to isolate Taiwan internationally and opposes countries that have official ties with Taipei.

Nancy Pelosi is considered the second most important post after the US president and is the highest elected US official to visit Taiwan in 25 years.

Speaking at the event with Tsai Ing-wen, he said that today, our delegation has come to Taiwan to make it clear that we will not abandon our commitment to Taiwan.

Earlier, he had said that his group had come to Taiwan for friendship and peace in the region.

President Joe Biden’s administration said on the occasion of the visit that there has been no change in the US policy regarding Taiwan.

This narrative implies that the US government supports the Taiwanese government but also recognizes Beijing diplomatically over Taipei, while opposing Taiwan’s formal declaration of independence or China’s forcible occupation.

Although the White House is believed to be opposed to Nancy Pelosi’s stay in Taiwan, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Pelosi has the right to go wherever she wants.

‘Extremely dangerous’
The Chinese Foreign Ministry summoned US Ambassador Nicholas Burns after Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on a military plane on Tuesday night after days of speculation.

According to China’s official news agency Xin Hua, Vice Foreign Minister Xi Feng told Burns that his visit was of a very serious nature and could have serious consequences.

He said that China will not sit quietly.

The Chinese military said it was on high alert and would launch a series of targeted military operations in response to the visit.

The military exercises will also include the firing of ‘long-range live weapons’ across the Taiwan Strait.

According to a statement issued by the Chinese military, the Chinese exercise zone will be around 20 kilometers from the coast of Taiwan at some points.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense spokesman Sun Li-fang said at a press conference on Wednesday that during China’s exercises, they are violating the boundaries and entering Taiwan’s territorial waters.

He said that this is an irrational move to challenge the international system.

Amidst all this, China on Wednesday also announced a ban on fruit and fish imports from Taiwan, while also halting sand shipments to the island.

‘Taiwan will end like Ukraine’
Outside Taiwan’s parliament, 31-year-old computer programmer Frank Chen dismissed China’s threats against Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

He told foreign media that I am not too worried about China’s threats, I think China will take more threatening actions and ban more Taiwanese products but we should not be too worried.

Retired researcher Li Kaidi, 71, said the US uses Taiwan as a pawn in its confrontation with China to dominate the world by humiliating China. Like Ukraine, Taiwan will end.

Japan, America’s main ally in the region, on Wednesday expressed concern over the Chinese drills, while South Korea called for dialogue to maintain regional peace and stability.



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