EU agrees on the agreement to reduce the use of Russian gas

ISLAMABAD, July 27 (Alliance News): The European Union has approved a weak emergency plan to reduce Russian gas consumption, in the face of the threat of continued cuts in gas supplies to Europe from Russia.

According to foreign media, Europe is facing a large supply shortage of gas from Wednesday.

Russian gas company Gazprom said it will reduce gas supplies to Germany through the Nord Stream (One) gas pipeline to a fifth of the pipeline’s flow capacity.

A dozen EU countries are already facing shortfalls in Russian supplies, with Brussels urging member states to conserve gas and stockpile it for the winter, fearing Russia’s war with Ukraine could push Western countries to In lieu of restrictions, the gas supply will be completely cut off.

Energy ministers for all EU countries approved a proposal for a voluntary 15% reduction in gas consumption.

The reduction can be implemented in any emergency, but a number of countries and industries have agreed to exempt it, while some governments have agreed to impose a 15% ban on each country by the EU. opposed the original proposal.

German Economy Minister Robert Haebeck said the deal would make it clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin that despite Russia’s latest gas cuts, Europe is united and cannot divide us.

Two EU officials said Hungary was the only country to oppose the deal.

A Siemens turbine for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline is being repaired in Canada. Gazprom says the turbine has cut gas supplies, but EU energy chief Kadri Samson has denied the claim. Rejecting it as a political move.

Russia, which supplied 40 percent of the EU’s gas before invading Ukraine, said it was a reliable energy supplier.


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