The main agreement of wheat between Russia and Ukraine in Turkey

ISLAMABAD, July 25 (Alliance News): Russia and Ukraine have signed a historic agreement with Turkey and the United Nations, under which the Ukraine will be able to export wheat from the Black Sea.

According to a foreign media, Russia and Ukraine have signed separately on the first important agreement with Ankara and the United Nations after about five months of fighting.

Ukraine warned before signing the agreement that any Russian provocation would be responded to any Russian provocation at the Bahrain port, while Ukraine refused to sign a single document with Moscow.

UN Secretary -General Antonio Guterres said during a signing ceremony at the Dolomabahas Palace in Istanbul, the ray of hope and relief on the Black Sea was brightened today.

The agreement has been reached through the UN and Turkish mediation, which will provide a safe passage to the Ukrainian ships through three designated ports of the Black Sea.

The two countries also pledged that they would not attack the ships on the way.

Antonio Guterres said it would provide relief to the developing countries near the bankruptcy and the weaker people standing on the brink of famine.

The way of peace
Millions of people have been displaced and killed by a five -month war, which continues in the two countries in the fertile region of Europe that are among the largest grain producing countries in the world.

Russian warships have stopped 250 million tonnes of wheat and other grains from the ports of Ukraine, while Kyiv has laid mines to stop the horrific attack.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo ۔an has played an important role in the talks, he has good relations with both Moscow and Kyiv, he hoped that the deal would restore peace.

Britain’s Secretary of State Liz Trus congratulated Turkey and the United Nations on the agreement, saying that we will keep track of the implementation of the Russia agreement.

Earlier, Ukraine’s presidential assistant Mikhailo Podulak explained that the two sides would sign the ‘mirror’ of the agreement.

He said on social media that we would sign an agreement with Turkey and the UN, while Russia, Turkey and the UN would sign a mirror.

He warned that if Russia violated the deal and infiltrated the ports of Ukraine, the reaction would be immediately responded to by the military.

According to the report, diplomats are expected to completely restore grain exports for the first time since the invasion of Russia Ukraine by mid -August.

Ukraine farmers
The report said that the news of the agreement has expressed doubts by Ukrainian farmers, who are under pressure in the south, where warehouses are filling rapidly for storage and local cereal prices are falling. Yes.

A Ukrainian farmer, who has 13,000 tonnes of grain, said he had a little hope for the deal, but you could not believe what Russia is saying.

He said that Russia cannot be trusted, it has been demonstrated by Russia for years.


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