The US termed Imran Khan’s conspiracy claims disturbing

ISLAMABAD, July 18 (Alliance News): Underscoring Washington’s desire to rebuild a strong partnership with Pakistan, a US State Department official says former prime minister Imran Khan’s conspiracy claims are ‘deeply troubling’.

According to foreign media, while addressing a convention of Pakistani physicians in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Pakistan Desk Director Neil W. Hopp described the Pakistan-US relationship as a partnership “without which we cannot do.” ‘.

He said that we have to work together with Pakistan to deal with global issues, it is a partnership that is essential for us.

Neil W Hopp said a Pakistani delegation will visit Washington on July 25 for the biggest ever health talks between the two countries.

Pakistan’s Ambassador Masood Khan said that US-Pakistan relations have already stabilized and are set to improve further in the near future.

However, Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US, Jalil Abbas Jilani, acknowledged that the relationship was going through a difficult phase and suggested a ‘resumption of high-level talks’ to keep the partnership on track.

Massoud Khan suggested stronger trade relations between the two countries, reminding US investors that ‘Pakistan has a large and dynamic middle class and offers excellent investment opportunities’.

In response to a question about former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s claim of alleged US interference in Pakistan’s domestic politics, Neil Hopp said that it is very disturbing, there is absolutely no truth in these allegations.

“We support a strong, democratic setup in Pakistan, we have no interest in its domestic politics,” he added.

Jalil Abbas Jilani said that the whole incident was very sad, adding that he has personal relations with Donald Lowe, the US official involved in the alleged conspiracy, he has positive feelings for Pakistan and would not be involved in any conspiracy. Reject.

Neil Hopp also called Donald Lowe a consummate ‘professional’ who could not make such statements.

The former ambassador proposed to deal with this and other similar issues in a careful and impartial manner.


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