Facebook trying to look like a tick tolk

ISLAMABAD, June 18 (Alliance News): The world’s largest social networking site Facebook had previously copied TickTalk by introducing the feature of ‘Reals’, ie short videos, but now they are trying to make themselves more like a Chinese app.

Yes, details of a secret memo from a conversation between top Facebook officials and employees indicate that Facebook will soon completely change its news feed.

A secret memo obtained by technology website The Verge reveals that Facebook executives have instructed engineers to introduce features to enhance the release of “short videos” on the website’s news feed.

The memo reveals that Facebook’s top management wants to no longer see posts or content from people who are friends with each other or who have followed each other, but now Content should also be suggested to people who have not been followed, fooreign media reported.

That is, the feature will suggest to users, like the ‘for you’ feature of TickTolk, the content of people they may not have followed or added to.

In addition, under the same feature, the management wants to see most of the short videos on the news feed and scroll them like a tick-tock.

Although Facebook Rails videos are still scrolled, Rails videos currently only appear in one window, but under the new feature they will likely appear in the News Feed and be scrolled right there. Will

The change is seen by Facebook as the biggest change on the website in the last four years, as Facebook currently only posts posts from friends and acquaintances on news feeds.

Previously, news feeds used to show more posts of different pages and organizations, but now most of the short videos will be shown on the news feed, ie home page and users will be recommended videos whose creators they follow. What would not have happened.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


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