Two killed, 21 others injured in a shooting in Norwegian capital, Oslo

ISLAMABAD, June 26 (Alliance News): At least two people have been killed and 21 others injured in a shooting near the Norwegian capital Oslo, police say. ‘Has been canceled.

According to foreign media, the Norwegian Domestic Intelligence Service (PST), the agency responsible for countering terrorism, said it viewed the attack as “Islamic terrorism”. ۔

PST chief Roger Bridges said the accused had a long history of violence and intimidation.

Raj Burj said the intelligence services had spoken to the accused last month but did not consider that he had “violent intentions”.

“We are aware that the suspect is suffering from mental health problems,” he said.

Defendant’s lawyer John Christian Alden told the Norwegian news agency NTB that he expected his client to be placed under “judicial observation” to assess his mental state, as is usually the case in such cases. happens.

The Norwegian media has named him Zaniar Matpur and said that he came to Norway from Iran as a child.

Police said 21 people were injured and 10 were seriously injured in the attack, but no one was killed. Automatic weapons and handguns were seized.

We will not leave here
The Pride March administration said the march was scheduled for Saturday but was canceled in light of clear police orders.

But thousands of people marched in solidarity after the attack, chanting “We are here, we will not leave.”

Most people, some with tears in their eyes, placed flowers near the site of the attack.

A woman at the scene of the attack told the Verdens gang newspaper that he was looking strong for his purpose. When I realized it was serious, I ran away, bleeding from a man lying on the ground.

Another man told the newspaper that many people were injured on the ground with head injuries.

Norway’s intelligence service has raised the alert level, calling the situation “extraordinary”.

The French government says security has been beefed up for the Pride March in France because of the attack.

French President Emmanuel Macron offered his condolences to the victims and called for unity.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahir Store said the day was expected to be celebrated with love and the streets were lit up with rainbow colors.

“On the contrary, we are grieving,” he told a news conference.

“I am terrified,” King Harold V of Norway said in a statement.

“We must unite to defend our values ​​and our mutual respect,” he said.


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