Ukraine war: America warn China for serious consequences if it helps Russia

ISLAMABAD, Mar 14 ( Alliance News): The United States has warned China that it could face “serious consequences” if it helps Russia invade Ukraine.

According to foreign media, a US official told several US media channels that Russia had requested military assistance from China after launching an attack on Ukraine.

However, the Chinese embassy in Washington said it was not aware of the request, following a meeting between senior Chinese and US officials in the Italian capital, Rome. ۔

It should be noted that China has been supporting its ally Moscow in its statements since the crisis started between Russia and Ukraine, but so far it has not provided military and economic assistance to Russia.

Citing statements by US officials, local media said that in recent days Russia has requested a supply of military weapons and drones, especially from China, but China has not responded to this request.

In an interview with CNN, US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said he was talking directly and privately with China about massive sanctions if it helped Russia. Will have to face the consequences.

He added that he would not allow it to move forward and would not allow any country in the world to become Russia’s “lifeline” through economic sanctions.

He added that the United States believes that China was aware that Russian President Vladimir Putin was planning to invade Ukraine, but that China may not have fully understood its purpose.

He says it is possible that Putin lied to China as much as he lied to Europe and other countries.

US official Jack Sullivan met with Yingluck Shinawatra, head of China’s Central Foreign Affairs, in Italy on Monday.

However, the foreign news agency Reuters quoted US official Jack Sullivan as saying that the US official had told the Chinese official during the meeting that if he helped Russia in its attack on Ukraine, he would face consequences and isolation. Have to face

Li Pengu, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington, told US media that he was unaware of any such request from Russia and that the top priority at the moment was to prevent the situation from escalating or spiraling out of control. China has so far refrained from condemning the Russian attack, saying Moscow’s “legitimate security concerns” should be taken seriously.

Chinese state media and officials, who have denied Russian officials’ claim that it was a “special military operation” and not an occupation, have been repeating misinformation about Russia’s recent war.

But Beijing has at the same time expressed full support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and called for peace, saying it was ready to end the war with the help of diplomacy. On the other hand, several countries have urged China to do more to prevent Russia from invading.

The European Union and the United States are helping Ukraine in this war, and China is helping Russia. If that is the case, then this is a blueprint that will make the war in Ukraine even more effective.

As US President Joe Biden’s top security adviser meets with a senior Chinese diplomat, the White House has decided to make its claims public. This seems to be a ploy to put pressure on China to either confirm or deny Russia’s support.

The main purpose of this may be to try to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of Xi Jinping’s current position, as he called the relationship with Moscow a “strong rock” last week.

It should be noted that this happened a week before the start of the Winter Olympics in Beijing when Putin and Xi Jinping announced an alliance that would have no limits and military aid would clearly be part of it.

But after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China denounced the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian army by Britain, the United States and other countries, saying they were “adding fuel to the fire.”

If US intelligence is accurate, and Beijing responds to the request, it is also adding fuel to the fire by participating in the war.


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