Lawmakers highlight critical issues from their respective areas

ISLAMABAD, Apr 26 (Alliance News): Lawmakers in the National Assembly raised various critical issues from their respective areas on Friday and called upon the government to take action to address them.

During a point of order, Mian Ghous Muhammad highlighted that approximately Rs. 20 billion is payable to sugarcane growers by sugar mills. He said that in Punjab, there is a law mandating mills to pay interest to farmers if payments are delayed.

He expressed concern that mill owners are not meeting their obligations and urged the government to ensure prompt payment to the growers.

Muhammad Iqbal Khan asked the government to address law and order challenges in his area, urging the federal government to enhance security measures and take care of the needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Khalid Ahmed highlighted similar concerns about law and order in his constituency, appealing for federal intervention to improve the situation.

Agha Rafiullah Syed expressed disappointment over the absence of ministers in the house and said that government representatives must be present to address public concerns raised by members.

He stressed the importance of government representatives being available in the National Assembly to respond to the issues and queries brought forth by legislators on behalf of their constituents.

Riaz Fatyana acknowledged the Speaker’s directive to ensure ministerial presence and requested assistance from the Interior Ministry to facilitate Umrah visits for National Assembly members.

Jamal Shah Karar urged the government to combat inflation and alleviate the burden on the general public.

Sajid Khan advocated for scholarships for students in his area, as promised by the federal government.

Shaista Khan commended Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif for visiting the family of a customs officer who was killed and praised the compensation package announced in response.

Zartaj Gul highlighted the inadequate road infrastructure in her area, urging the Ministry of Communications to prioritize road construction to enhance safety and prevent accidents.

Miraz Ikhtiar Baig raised concerns about low gas pressure in his constituency.

Hameed Hussain emphasized the importance of improving law and order to promote tourism in his picturesque area.

Ejaz-ul-Haq addressed issues related to wheat production, particularly focusing on Bahawalpur’s agricultural potential, and called for the establishment of more Pakistan Agricultural Storage & Services Corporation Limited (PASSCO) offices in the region.