Police implement enhanced measures at high security zone

ISLAMABAD, Dec 06 (Alliance News): Islamabad police have diligently deploying all available resources to fortify security within the federal capital, with a particular focus on the high security zone. Police spokesperson said that Islamabad police have actively ensured comprehensive data registration, meticulous examination of identification documents, and searches of individuals entering the high security zone on a routine basis.

Notably, the police took action against 2,905 vehicles and 1,613 motorcyclists for traffic rules violations at various checkpoints within the high security zone. In the preceding month, the Islamabad Capital Police undertook measures such as removing tinted glasses and improper number plates from 2,849 vehicles, impounding 56 vehicles lacking proper documentation, and issuing challan tickets to 1,613 motorcyclists for violations related to helmets and over-speeding. Stringent directives have been issued to police officers and officials stationed at high security zone checkpoints, emphasizing the need for responsible duty execution. Paramount importance is placed on the protection of crucial public and private properties, as well as embassies situated in the high security zone, police spokesperson added. Furthermore, police officials are instructed to record the data of all citizens entering the high security zone. Scrutiny of identification documents, thorough searches of suspicious vehicles, and maintaining a positive interaction with the public are integral aspects of their duties. Citizens are earnestly urged to collaborate with the Islamabad Capital Police and promptly report any suspicious activities through the designated channel, “Pucar-15,” reinforcing the collective effort to bolster security within the high security zone.


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